I am a Graphic Designer and Illustrator located in Philadelphia, PA. Some of my interests include design, traveling, writing, drawing, photography, singing and reading a good book just to name a few. I love creating things and design happens to be something that I love. I'm always open and willing to learning new techniques and tips.

At a young age, I learned from a friend how to create greeting cards and from that moment my journey into the world of design began. I enjoyed putting smiles on my friend's faces as they read and look at the things I created. It was fun and interesting and it led me to be more interested in computers, which is why I studied Computer Studies for my Associate Degree. Not long after, I studied Graphic Design Communication with a minor in Animation for my Bachelor's Degree at Philadelphia University.

Through my training at university, I am well versed in areas of print design, web design, branding, illustrating and having the ability to use Adobe Creative Suite programs as well as using all various forms of social media platforms. Thus, I hope to continue to sharpen and improve my skills in these areas. So do enjoy looking at my portfolio and do not hesitate to contact me.